How to copy an online movie (non-copyrighted) into a DVD

I dowloaded some copy right free movies from a website ( the downloaded movies seem to be zipped an i am able to unzip and use windows media player to watch them, but i need to know how i can burn them into a DVD so that i can watch them in any DVD player … can i use windows media player to do that? Or are there any free softwares out there to do this? also, My Toshiba Laptop comes with its own software called “ULEAD” … but i have not had any luck with either media player or u lead. … thanks.

what file format is it?

if it’s an .avi file you can use avi2dvd to convert it to the dvd standard

i think the file is saved as .wmv … almost 100% sure, but i have to go back home take a look

have a look at SUPER