How to copy an Audio CD?

I have an original audio CD without any copyright protection. Can I make a copy directly by using CloneCD? I mean without having to go through ripping the audio track…

I have tried twice using CloneCD, but it produced “cracking” sound. I think it should be settings error. I have also use “CD-Copy” feature in Nero, it works just fine.

Thanks in advance.

when crackling sounds appear, try different media and/or lower writing speeds…

Nero will do just fine for audio (prefer that over CloneCD for audio)

Yes, you definitely can.

Copy CD - Select CD Reader - Audio CD - enable Copy "On the fly " - Select CD Writer - OK

The best prog for audio is Feurio ! Or one of those.
Nero is good, kind of unisex. Not to mention CD Mate.

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