How to Copy ALL Angles?

Hello all, not sure where too post this…

I use DVD Decrypter and then Recode. I have a DVD with 4 angles in the Extras. In DVD Decrypter, I see where I can include an angle, but only see that I can either remove all Angles, or select one. How can I copy all of the angles?



In settings -> file mode there is an option for multi-angle processing. I would suggest that you check this and select the number you require from the drop down. I haven’t used this so I don’t know if it really works.

Yes, but when you select a number…say 4, I get angle #4 and 1-3 are missing. I do not see a select ALL.

FIXED!!! DVD Decrypter will only rip a selected Angle, BUT, when I ran DVD Shrink to Recode, I got 'em all!

Can you please clarify, as I do not have experience in ripping multi angle DVD with DVD Decrypter?

I see in Tools/settings that ISO read does not have any mention of angles. So I assume all angles are copied. I see the File mode you can either leave the box unchecked or check and must select only one angle.

So, what happens when in File mode you do NOT check the angle processing box?

In my case, when I did not have the angle box checked, I did not get all angles. At any rate, I used DVD Shrink and all 4 angles were done.

I did not use, in this case, DVD Decrypter at all.
DVD Shrink burns (via Nero) when done.