How to copy a Navigation disc with Safedisc V3.10?



Hi all,

Most of the threads here are talking about coping games… I have a Navigation disc and i want to make a working backup… I think it has the SAfedisc version 3.10… I’ve run A-Ray and it says Safedisc 2/3 but no more details… I have 52327S and i bought it Jan 2004 and i’ve never make any firmware update ever since and i’m using Alocohol 120%…

The disc must work on my car (not in a PC)… And i think the car lens is very simple…

My qurstions are:
1- How can i tell for sure what copy protection on the CD??
2- Should i use another burner other than my Lite-On 52327S??
3- If not, Should i update the firmware??
4- Should i use another program other than 120%??

Any tips or tricks are welcomed…


Welcome to the forums unknown2. The problem with software such as this is it is impossible to find out the exact version of Safedisc because you cant install it on your computer. If Aray says Safedisc I’d go with that, it is by far one of the most accurate Protection Scanners around. For it to work in your GPS your going to need to do a 1:1 backup, I’d suggest using a CD-RW.(in case of a few failures) Use plain Safedisc datatype in Alcohol, (Safedisc 2x/3x datatype is for emulation) Read the image as slow as possible, even if it means it’ll take hours. Burn it back to good media as slow as possible. Your drive is listed as a 100% EFM capable drive, which is great, and firmware updates are always good, but up to you whether your comfortable flashing your drive.
In Summary:
1- Aray is the best
2- Your Liteon is by far the best choice
3- If your comfortable, by all means
4- 120% is perfectly suited to this task and your burner (plus I’m an Alcohol Loyalist)
Post back and let us know how you go:)


Thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile:

You mean i can’t install the GPS software or the A-Ray software on my Computer??

I’m not sure if my GPS will read RW discs… I will try that…

How can i update the firmware??

When i try to make an Image (Image wizard), i choose the following:
Skip reading errors :checked
Fast skip error blocks: checked
Advanced sector scanning: B[/B]
Read sub-channel data: B[/B]
Data position measurment: B[/B]
Data type: Safedisc 2/3

And does it matter if i safe is as *.mds, *.ccd, *.cue, *.iso???

When i burn the CD… There are couple options that i can choose from… Like:

Write method: RAW/DAO
Enable Buffer Underrun Tec: B[/B]
Don’t close the last session of the disc: B[/B]
Recity Sub-channel Data: B[/B]
Data Type: SafeDisc 2/3

Is there any other/advanced setting i should do!?

Thanks alot :cool:


You mean i can’t install the GPS software or the A-Ray software on my Computer??
You can install Aray on your Hard Drive. But it would be very unlikely you could install your nav disc. What I mean is: sometimes copy protection versions are hidden. The program needs to be installed, and Aray needs to do an installed directory scan, to find the exact version. Seeing as we know its a version of safedisc this doesnt matter.

And does it matter if i safe is as *.mds, *.ccd, *.cue, *.iso???
Very much, it needs to be Alcohols native .mds format, which is default.

Data type: Safedisc 2/3
Make sure to pick the ‘Safedisc’ datatype not the ‘Safedisc 2/3’ datatype. Dont touch any other settings. The plain ‘safedisc’ datatype will create a 1:1 backup if this is possible. It will need to be 1:1 because unlike a game on your PC, you will not be able to emulate it on your GPS unit. The only other setting to touch is read speed- minimum, and write speed- minimum.

How can i update the firmware??
Have a look in the firmware forum. I’m sure you’ll find the current firmware for your drive and instructions on how to flash it.


Thanks for your fast replies…

I tried what you’ve recommend and it didn’t work :sad:

What should i do now?? :confused:


I feared this may happen. Have you got just a normal CD/DVD-ROM as well as your burner? If so try reading with that. If you have another burner it wont hurt to try that either, other than that I’m out of ideas. The actual GPS unit may have the ability to read MID/ATIP of the backup. Because it picks up that it is a recordable not an original stamped disc, it doesnt work. Unfortunately there is no way around this.


The unit is made back on 2000… Do they have these trics back then!?


Not too sure but I’m guessing it does, if the backup you made errors than the unit is picking up its a forgery. Whats the date on the disc?


It’s January 2005…

Is there anyway that i can check for MID/ATIP on my GPS!?