How to copy a movie in MPEG2 format with subtitles?

Hello Friends!

I want to copy a DVD movie to my HDD which later I want to write back to a DVD. Is it possible to use CCE to encode and copy the movie. Further, if I copy the movie in MPEG2 format, will it retain the multiple subtitle that are present in the original movie.

Please also guide me the softwares that can be used to rip the movie to my HDD with subtitles in MPEG format and also the softwares that can help me to later write back the movie to another disk. As I want to compress the movie and add menus for the later stage, a guide for the same will be very helpful.

Thank you.

first of all i’m not sure if i clearly understand what you want. so use dvddecrypter to copy DVD-Video to your HDD, than use for example PGC demux to demux all streams (video, audio, subtitles). after that look for some authoring program, create menu and whatever you want - than use CCE encoder to compress you DVD (if it is needed)

for help and guides check - doom9, videohelp, afterdawn

If you use a program like dvddecrypter or a trial of anydvd (My Preference) then you can rip the entire dvd to the hard drive. Doing this will retain all the original information including original menus and all the subtitle streams.
If the movie is not to large and doesnt require a lot of compression there is really no need to run is through CCE (Will take much to long). Just download a trial version of clone dvd 2 or 1 click dvd and transcode it (on low compression movies the result is in my opinion just as good and takes far less time). Also if you use one of these programs in conjunction with any dvd you dont even need to rip it to the hard drive. You can burn straight from the original to the copy.
If you have high compression you can download the freeware dvd rebuilder and it will use cce to do most of the work for you. All you have to do is set it up.
As for adding personal menus you could try dvd remake pro or you could try dvd lab pro. Both are excellent authoring utilities. Happy burning and hope this helped some.

If you just want to backup to your HDD, use CloneDVD & uncheck ‘delete temp folder’ but I think you want more than that. Are you thinking of doing some editing on the actual movie, reauthor & add in your personal menus.
In my personal opinion, you can only edit in MPEG2 or AVI format. I ever convert a DVD5 movie to an AVI format & it took me almost 7 hours but I didn’t do any editing - just trying out the software.