How to copy a homemade video DVD?

Well I’m new to this stuff so hope not to stupid a question!

There are two parts to this - maybe they are not connected but I put them in just in case they are.

I can copy (non-copy protected DVD’s) on my PC using DeepBurner Pro. I just did this to see if it would work - not to ripping them if. Anyway, this works fine.

If I copy a VHS tape to DVD (on a Daewoo DF4700 recorder), then that works fine and I can play the resulting DVD on that machine.

BUT, and here’s the strange bit (to me), If I try and make a copy of that DVD (as in 2) on my PC, Then it does NOT play!

I checked a few things are see that;

In 1. there are two folders on the DVD which contain files. Those folders are

In 2. (my homemade DVD) There is

so there’s no AUDIO_anything folder, and an extra folder called VIDEO_RM

Is there I way given the above, that I can copy a video DVD I have made myself?
Thank you

VIDEO_TS is the only necessary folder on a VideoDVD.

Close the session and finalise the disc as well. This must be done in order to make the dvd readable in other devices.