How to copy a ghost 9.0 image on a partiton to dvd

If I have a norton ghost 9.0 image of my hardrive on another partition on my hardrive , how would I go about burning that image on the partition to a dvd using nero 6.6 or nero express either one …What is the procedure to do it …

I think there is an option in version 9 to burn straight to disk.

If not then so long as the image is smaller than the DVD you are burning it to all you need to do is just a normal burn of the file to the disk. Nothing special need be done. Just make sure that you can boot into Ghost with CDRom drives so that you can then reload your image.

Norton Ghost image files will be spanned if they are larger then 2GB so copying them to a DVD is a simple matter. I do it all the time, I manage several hundred computers and backup a group to it’s domain server’s data drive. Once I have all the images I need, I copy them to DVD’s (sometimes taking multiple discs for one computers set).

Ghost’s boot disk utility can make a floppy that has drivers for USB, SCSI, CD and DVD drives.

Well I’ve tried this , and when I went to use the image I got an error
that the image wasnt made by ghost,
(I burned the image using 2 different versions of nero and tried different
writing formats)
ended up just backing up straight to disk