How to copy a damaged cdrom?

I wanted to use an old cdrom (not used for a year). It always worked and now my cdrom player as well as my Plextor burner cannot longer read the data. I tried to copy it with blindread. It took me 4 hours and more than 2000 bad sectors where found.
The image file was correct. But now my problem. How can i get rid of these bad sectors. The actual size of the cdrom is 654 MB. The image file is 770 MB. If I burn the image onto a cd the errors are copied as well, but the size is again 654 MB.
Does anyone know a program which can fix damaged data on a cdrom, or know a way to copy it?

You could use the ‘regenerate data sectors’ from CloneCD. See this thread if you want more information on the subject.

Your image is bigger than the actual cd-size because BlindRead (or CloneCD) reads the cd in raw-mode. This means that besides the data also the error-correction/detection data is copied. For most data-cds this means that each 2048 bytes of data in a sector is 2352 bytes on cd because of the extra error-correction/detection data, as shown here


What is the CD you are trying to duplicate ?

perhaps its protected with SD1/2 ?

What Burner are you using ?
What version of Blind Read ?

If the cd was not copy protected and you were able to make an image with blindread, you can just burn that image using a non-raw burning mode. Use sao cooked with blindwrite. The resultant cd will be free from errors and will contain the same files and structure as the original.

If that doesn’t work, and it should, try using isobuster to extract the files from the blindread image and then burn them back to a cdr with the same label as the original.

If, however, the original cd was copy protected, you’ll need to be lucky. The problem, of course, and particularly with a safedisc cd is to duplicate the intentional bad sectors without duplicating those that are there as a result of the physical damage to the cd.

As Upp3rdOG advised, you can try “regenerate data sectors” with clone but there’s no guarantee that the resultant cd will work.