How to Copy a Copy requiring Emulation?

Here’s one for you,

Some time ago I created a disk that requires rmps emulation in Alc to run.
No probs … But …
How do I make a copy of that disk? Is the emulation data burned on the disk hidden?

Original was a Securom 4.7+ game. Twinpeak was not used.

I want to create a working image from the cd(requires emulation) to mount on a virtual drive.

Do you mean 4.8+, which is used by TwinPeaks?

Just use your original to create a new image, Cuts out the middle man!!!

It is really going to break your back to experiment with a RW? I never tried it, but there is a chance it’ll work if you copy it as a normal cd.

  1. Disable RMPS emulation.
  2. Insert CD - Label should read “Needs Emulation”
  3. Copy using SecuROM New profile. (Not 4+)
  4. Enjoy the copy