How to copy a copy protected cd

the other day I bought mech warrior game and it has 2 cd’s , one for installing the game and the other for playing it.
I wanted to make a copy of both cd’s , with ECD creator 6 ,
and all went well with the cd 1 ( the install cd) I was able to burn it ,
but the cd 2 ( the playing cd) is a different story, first I’ve tried to copy it with the copy cd function and that gave me error on disk thing,
so I copied the cd files to a folder and then using ecdc data function to copy the files to cd, and that went well without any errors etc etc,
but when I tried to use the copyed cd to play the game , I get the pop up flag that tells me first to insert the cd 2 so I did that and I OK it,
but the game won’t initialize at all, with the copied cd 2, it will only play with the original Mech warrior cd 2,
I’ve checked both cd’s the original and the copyed one, and they look identical all the files are there !
So what gives here, my intention to copy cd 2 is purely for personal use just in case I scratch or damage the software 'cause of the continuous use of it,
I have Nero 6 as well ( not installed) would Nero do it, if yes how ( please explain) and if you can give a link to a site that can show\ tell me how to burn this damn thing correctly, thx

Hi and welcome to our forum.

If it is copy protected, you might not get very far with Easy CD Creator. In this case you are better off using CLoneCD, Alcohol 120% and/or Blindwrite.

To determine the copy protection you can use a program like ClonyXXL.

Of course you can find information on all above-mentioned programs in our vast knowledgebase

Try Nero, and turn on the options to ignore read errors.
I managed to copy my MW 4 discs. I used nero 5, and turned on the options to ingore read errors. To copy each disc it took almost 24hrs each because of all the dirty data they wrote to the discs. But both work perfectly. I was then able to create .iso’s with winimage (can’t do it with the originals), for backup. I keep an .iso backup of all my cd’s on a separated hdd (kids like to think cds are frisbees!!!).