How to copy a CD-DA with ISRC

An optical disc replicator backed-up their masters and wants to make sure it is possible to make stampers from the backups exactly as if they were using the original masters. DDP ones posed no problem. For CD-DA measures were taken to include CD-Text and ISRC if present. This was done with the appropiate settings in Nero Burning ROM (I know, I know, they got images in its proprietary format, not a wise decision but it’s already done). I am sure the texts and ISRCs exist in the .nrg by looking at the last kilobytes with an ASCII viewer. But it was impossible to find a burner that can put the ISRCs back in the copy. In nine CD and DVD burners from LG, Samsung, Sony, LiteOn, etc. Nero InfoTool says none is capable of CD-Text writing (and I suppose this means neither ISRC, for it also uses the Q-subchannel).
Did we really fail to find an appropiate burner, or it has to be enabled in the BIOS or somewhere else?. Thanks!

More clues:
Certain recorder installed in PC “A”, Nero InfoTool shows neither green or red mark in the cell “Writes CD-Text”. A .nrg known to contain ISRC and text, recorded Nero Burning ROM produces a CD without them.
Same recorder in PC “B”, InfoTool pus a red mark.
BUT using ImgBurn, from a .iso+.cue known to have both ISRC and text, produces a full CD!. So the recorder IS capable!.
What do I have to do in order to unleash Nero capability for CD-Text & ISRC writing?.

As you discovered, not all burners can read or even write the ISRC.
It’s a feature that were highly anticipated and rated by audio freaks in the past…I just remember my first steps into the burner world …CD-R in 2007 or so.

I never used Nero for that, in the past I used MakeCD on Amigas.
So, why do you want to use Nero anyway??? Imgburn works, so what?

Chef, many thanks for your reply!. You’re right in that:

  • Many recorders do not record ISRC. But as I pointed out, this one does (from another utility).
  • Nero is not the best option. But unfortunately the images have already been created (not by me!).
    Other application developers (ImgBurn, etc.) have reverse-engineered the .NRG format but only for single track data CDs, not CD-DA. What about Alcohol 120% or the like?.
    Thanks again!

Honestly, I don’t know what’s up and possible with that other tools.
It’s worth trying. :wink:

Problem solved. Installed Nero12, and now the masters restored from the .NRGs do contain the ISRCs if the original ones contained them. Evidently Nero corrected the bug somewhere between versions 9 and 12. But you have to choose “DAO” recording, not the default “DAO96”.

Glad it worked for you!