How To Copy 7.3 Gb Friends Tv Show To 4 Gb



Hi I want to copy my “Friends tv show season 1” dvd that is 7.3 gb to 4 gb its not protected and i have used Dvd Shrink and deselected the options which i dont want want but still the size is 4.713 gb and i wanted 4.3 gb to burn into dvd Please help me


You can shrink twice.

The first time you shrink the DVD, put the shrinked files on the hard disk. Then load these files (your 4.7GB ones) and shrink a second time. The second time you shrink will take another 10% or so off the overall size. Make sure you use Deep Analysis and AEC sharp both times to keep the quality as high as possible.


well if its already shrinked, select the folder and shrink again, then it should work


I’m pretty sure copying your friend’s DVD is illegal in any country except for China.


It a Friends TV series DVD and not a DVD owned by his/her friend.


Doh. My bad. Appologies.


haha juggernaut…it’s ok. you should have just played it off as a bad joke…i mean geez, don’t these guys have any sense of humor? :wink: