How to copy 2 films onto 1 dvd


Can any1 tell me how to copy 2 films (kids cartoons not big films) onto 1 dvd. At the minute im using nero 6 and dvd shrink to backup my films. I just want to copy 2 films but still have a menu at the start to select which film to watch.

Thx in advance

Nobody know how to?

I just want to backup 2 kids movies onto one DVD+R and have some sort of menu screen at the start to select which movie to watch.

Thanks in advance (I hope) :slight_smile:

You can add multiple titles onto one DVD using DVD2One. There are other, more long-winded ways, too.
You can either use the prior/next buttons on the remote control to jump sequentially to each title, rather as if they were chapters, or you can have them joined seamlessly, in which place they play one after the other without interruption. I believe Recode will do this as well (its alter ego, DVDShrink certainly will in its re-author mode).

If you want to add a menu, you will need an authoring tool (an editor) and will need rather more time and effort to arrive at the finished disc.

Keep in mind that you cannot add titles indefinitely. Quality will suffer first and then, finally, no further compression will be possible, possibly leading to program failure.


I solved this problem using only DVDShrink.

First use full backup option to load the first title. then switch to re-author and drag over only the main title. Then switch back to full backup and bring in the next title, swith back to re-author and select the main title of that movie. Then set your compression and push backup.

It will go a head and and put both title on the same DVD and when you insert the DVD it will start playing the first title automatically. The only way to get to the second title is by stepping/searching up through the chapters to the start of the second title.

here is how I put 2 movies onto 1 disc - 1st decrypt 1st movie onto hard drive - then decrypt 2nd movie onto hard drive (seperate folder) . use dvd shrink to extract the MOVIE ONLY of each movie into 2 seperate folders . then use TMPgenc DVD author to compile the new dvd complete with motion menu - I am left with a large dvd folder on the hard drive then I DVDshrink it to fit onto 1 dvd-r - then I burn it with NERO 6 .perfect quality . Easy .

you need :-

1 - DVD Decrypter 2- DVDShrink 2 TMPgenc DVD author 4 - NERO 6

Maybe a long way round it but I get a good looking menu with moving movies on it and I can select which movie I want to watch .

I’ve written a guide on how to merge 2 DVD’s keeping the DVD’s as if you had swapped them physically. All the Sub menus work just fine


as those 2 DVD’s had similar structures I have also merged 2 completely different DVD’s and created a new Title menu that allows you to select either DVD as if you had physically swapped them. Takes 2 seconds to swap menu’s. Again all the sub menus work as do all the extras. You can even swap ‘on the fly’ by using the Title call option if you want

things are looking good for merging 2 DVD’s and especially with dual layer around the corner :). It will be great to add the Extras DVD to the Main movie DVD on 2 Disc DVD’s

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