How to convert WMV to iso/dvd

how can I do this? I have video files downloaded from the net and need to convert them to iso so that DVD Next copy with take that and put it on a DVD for me.

please let me know what I can do I really dont want to buy another software… also side question… how can I take my commercial DVD and back it up as well?



I would recommend ConvertXtoDVD, but since you want to use free tools, you could try FAVC, since it is supposed to have support for .wmv files.

Or you could use WinFF or SUPER to convert to dvd compliant mpeg2 files and put them into dvd format with a free authoring tool like DVDStyler or GUIforDVDAuthor. Make certain that when you convert you have both the video and audio in compliance with dvd specifications before trying to author to dvd format.

FAVC comes with ImgBurn, which is a highly recommended program for making and burning ISO’s, and more. You might want to look at the latest version which is free to download and use…and look through the guides at the ImgBurn forum.

To back up a commercial dvd, download DVDFab HD Decrypter (free) at
Rip to the hard drive, then use DVDShrink (also free) found here: Read the guides on using Shrink. Most commercial dvds have to be compressed, or have extras removed in order to fit onto a single layer blank dvdr. And that is what Shrink will do for you. You can set Shrink to output as an ISO and then you burn with ImgBurn.

Another, slightly higher quality option is to use DVDRebuilder to reduce the size of the movie. Much slower, and the free version of Rebuilder lacks some options on what you can remove from the movie. If you want to remove extras, menus, etc., it is best to rip just the movie only with DVDFab HD Decrypter, then use Rebuilder. This applies to the free version only. The Pro version has many options.

Use Rebuilder on large dvds that need a great deal of compression, as it will give better results on these types of dvds than a transcoder like DVDShrink.

Yes,I would recommend FAVC also…:slight_smile:

downloaded the FAVC and cannot get it to rip to DVD I was using a DVD+RW could this be why? also it continued to give my an error about not having the right format.

Please advise

It would help to post the error. FAVC requires Net 2.0 and AviSynth to be on your computer. Did you install them as well?

“device not ready medium not compatable” is the error I get in IMG burn… not sure what it means I dont think my problem is with FAVC. It took awhile to ocnvert and that process seemed to work fine just cant get it to burn now.


ok got it to work on a dvd-r but it will not paly on my dvd player only computer! I used FAVC and then IMG burn

please let me know what I can do and sorry for buggin you guys

Some players are picky about playing burned disks. One possible solution is to use +R disks and bitset them to look like dvd rom disks. (a dvd-rom is like a commercially made dvd).

Bitsetting is also called setting the booktype or changing the booktype, and you may hear both terms around here. You can’t bitset -R disks by the way.

We would have to know the make and model of your burner to be able to tell you whether or not you can change the booktype with it.

DVDFlick is free and you can adjust the volume and even go from mono/stereo to 5.1 surround very easy to use :cool:

ok I think I am doing something wrong again… this last time I just built it in IMG and then tried to write it and only got asv files and that didnt work for anything.

can I get a play by play perhaps on home to properly use FAVC and IMG?

I am simply trying to take a WMV and put it on a DVD to play on my DVD player… sounds real simply but I keep goofing it up!

So if someone can kind of run it down for me I would be EXTREMELY appreciative!

Example: I take my WMV put it in FAVC and then press the GENERATE DVD button takes like 30 mins and then I have no ISO file for some reason just an mps (I think) and also a avs… it is not until I bypass FAVC and go straight into IMG as stated above and make it an ISO and it also makes it an mps (MBS?)


Ok, I’ll try.

This first image is the opening window in FAVC. You will notice that I have used the button on the right (looks like a magnifying glass on a folder) to find an xvid avi file and imported it to the Source Video Files window. I would have used a .wmv but don’t have one at the moment.

You’ll notice also that I have clicked Yes under ISO Creation, and clicked Yes under Open ImgBurn. The destination for the files and ISO is set, and I have clicked NTSC since I live in the US and we use that format here for dvd video.

I’ve chosen single layer dvd (4.3gb), the HC encoder and I’m going to make a menu.

This second shot is of the DVD options where I am making a menu. I have made a heading, there is one title in this dvd and I have selected an image to use as the background. Pretty self explanatory.

Since I am using HC, we go to that tab now. I have it set to Predictive Quantization, Best Quality, and since I have a dual core processor, I have it set to MultiCoreEnc Number 2. Mr Odwin advised me here at cdfreaks to use these settings to get multicore working with HC.

If you don’t have a dual core or quad core processor, you should probably just use the optimised preset Quality for best results. Click on Quality and it will set the encoder for highest quality output.

This last window is for audio. AC3 audio is accepted for any dvd, regardless of format, so I almost always use it. Not much to be seen here, just choose which encoder you want to make the AC3 audio, either Quenc or Aften.

Now hit generate DVD and let the FAVC do its work. You will get an ISO file where ever you designated the output. ImgBurn will open automatically using these settings and you can use it to burn to disk…gotta load a blank dvd of course.

And here is the window of ImgBurn that came up automatically at the end of FAVC’s work. You’ll see that the ISO is loaded into ImgBurn already, I didn’t have to do it…but of course I disregarded my earlier statement and forgot to load a blank dvd…ha. So much for me being efficient. :slight_smile:

Once I put in a blank dvd, it is ready to burn to the disk. Just click on the disk icon in ImgBurn.

this helped alot I was doing some things wrong…

but this morning upon waiting for my ISO to be ready to burn in IMG nothing! FAVC never made an ISO I cant find it in the file I created on my hardrive nor on my computer anywhere! I did it exactly the way you said

2 folders popped up and audio with nothing in it, a video with nothing in it and a working file with this in it

7 menu files some avisynth some dos, one movie flip file, and batchmux

no ISO. please advise and thanks again for all your help sorry I am slow and cant get this to work and no errors to my knowledge!

Just to make sure FAVC is working with .wmv files, I downloaded a HD WMV sample file from Microsoft and converted with FAVC. Same settings as before, except I didn’t make a menu for this little sample.
Conversion worked perfectly, I got ImgBurn to open automatically with the iso file already loaded and ready to burn.

Just to make sure it was playing right, I opened the iso in VLC media player and it is an excellent copy.

FAVC will make a Video_TS folder and an Audio_TS folder as well as the iso. They will be in a folder named dvd_0 if you didn’t make a specific name for it while setting up. The audio folder should be empty, the Video_TS folder should have standard dvd files…vob, ifo and bup files.

Don’t know why this is not working for you. There have been some problems reported when using the max bitrate of 8000 in HC. You might try lowering it to 6000.

ok just finished up I did everything you did even reducing the bit rate and still no ISO i bring up IMG (which did not load right away) and it even is looking for my file as an ISO when I hit open nothing comes up Here are some screen shots so you dont think I am crazy

ok I messed around a little bit in IMG and took my WMV and clicked build and used the destination for what was my ISO and BOOM I have my ISO

I am recording at this moment will let you know how it goes

worked again but on my computer only

I have a PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-105 1.21 (ATA) drive that I am doing the burning with, and I am using DVD-R

thanks again and hope you can help me out as it seems i got the FAVC down

screen shots.doc (168 KB)

final shot.doc (141 KB)

Ok, you’ve got me confused on exactly what you burned.

It is quite possible to take video files in .wmv format and make an ISO of them and burn to disk with ImgBurn. They will just be data disks though…not dvd video. They will play on a computer, but not dvd players. If you just loaded the .wmv files into ImgBurn to make an ISO and burned it, this is the only result you will get—data files of wmv video. Is that what you did after you didn’t get an ISO from FAVC?

The whole point of using FAVC is to convert to dvd format, so they will play on a regular player.

At this point I don’t know how to further advise you on using FAVC. There aren’t all that many ways to set the controls in this program…it is designed to work automatically. The HC encoder is obviously working on converting the files.

FAVC should output to a folder called dvd 0 in My Documents if you didn’t change the name, and within that folder should be the Audio_TS folder which will be empty, and a Video_TS folder which should have the vob, bup and ifo files that are normally seen in a dvd video. The iso should be separate…in the My Documents folder. You’re saying that none of these are showing up on your computer at all?

If the Video_TS folder is there with all the files made correctly, you can build an iso from it manually with ImgBurn and burn to disk to make your dvd video. I just have no clue why it isn’t happening automatically.