How to convert videos with ImTOO MPEG Encoder

ImTOO MPEG Encoder is a versatile video converter that combines function of iPod Video Converter, 3GP Video Converter, PSP Video Converter, MP4 Converter, AVI Converter, MPEG Converter, MOV Converter and RM Converter. With it, you can convert various video files for your iPod, PSP, 3GP Mobile Phone, MP4 Player (iRiver, Archos, Creative Zen, Gemini), Media Player and Quick Time player. It is easy to use and fast in speed. It offers two working modes: the Wizard Mode guiding the whole conversion and the Advanced Mode with variable settings for you to customize. Here is the instruction for the Advanced Mode:

  1. Download ImTOO MPEG Encoder and run it on your computer

  2. Load files you’d like to convert
    Add the video or audio files you’d like to convert by clicking “Add” button in the main interface or select ‘Add’ in the “File” drop down list.

  1. Set output format
    In “Profile” drop down list box, you may select output format. The software allows setting different output formats according to different files.

Tips: by selecting DivX format (*.avi) in “Profile” drop down list box, the software will produce .avi file using DivX encoder.

  1. Set conversion mode (Optional)
    After selecting certain output format, the right column will show its general standard. By clicking certain settings such as ‘Start Time’, ‘Video Size’, ‘Video/Audio Bit rate’ and so on, you may set it.

Tips: If you like, select the output folder by clicking the “Browse…” button or directly enter a path in “Destination” drop down list box.

  1. Start converting
    Finally, click “Encode” in the File menu to start converting. And after a successful conversion, the info “Completed” will show.

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Tips: Convert video files to MP4 and sync to iPod

  • Set ‘Video Size’: Before converting video files to iPod MP4, please set the ‘Video Size’ to ‘320x240’.
  • Playback the iPod video files: After converting video files to MP4, you can drag it into your iTunes library or open it with Quicktime Player.
  • Sync to iPod: Click ‘File -> Update iPod’.

Tips: Transfer PSP video

  • Playback the PSP video files: You can play the PSP video files with Quicktime Player.
  • Connect PSP to your computer using a USB cable: In your PSP, press “USB Connectivity” menu. If you use a memory card reader to transfer the video file, please connect your memory card reader to the computer.

Transfer to your PSP: Create a folder called “MP_ROOT” in your PSP, and inside that folder create another folder named “100MNV01”. In ImTOO MPEG Encoder, click “Tools -> PSP Video Manager” menu and transfer .mp4 and .THM files to PSP by moving them to “\MP_ROOT\100MNV01”.[/ul]

Where does one find this program? I have some documentaries in WMV format and the producer encourages people to make copies and hand out. Will this work?

You can search it from google.
In addition, it is a convert tool, if you want to copy something with it I am sorry that is not the appropriate one, but you can try another product: ImTOO DVD Creator to do this.