How to convert Tv series (multiple chapters) to generic?

hi people!

great software here but i have come up with a small problem, i regularly use dvdfab to transfer my dvds movies to my zen vision w and watch them there, but now that i want my tv series dvds on my zen, i have to rip every single episode separately and that takes big time considering that i could just leave it the whole night ripping the whole disc, but i have not find any way to do this, anyone has an idea on how to rip all the episodes or just the ones you select on a disc to a generic file, lets say xvid??? :sad:

by the way, i meant that i want every episode on a separate file, but the ripping process to be done only once not for each episode again and again

I am confused. Which ripping process do you want to do only once? The conversion to Xvid or assembling the episodes from the DVD to HDD files?:confused:

Look i want to convert my tv series dvd to xvid, but for the moment i have been only able to convert one episode at a time, i finish the episode and have to restart dvdfab all over again and convert another episode, what i want is to select all the episodes from the dvd and convert them to xvid without doing the process for each separately and wait for all the episodes to be converted at the end of the process

I thnk I understand now, sorry. Use the “Customize” mode to select the episodes you want, and write the output to your HDD instead of a blank DVD. You can then read this new file you just made (that has 3 or 4 episodes) as a source for the DVD-to-Mobile mode. You will then have one AVI file with all the desired episodes together.

yes sorry i didnt know i could do that on platinum thanks