How to convert these movies or copy them so that i can run in the dvd player


I have CDs which has movies in .avi,wmv,mpeg formats. These are the movies i normally download through internet.

Now i would like to run these movies in my DVD player (not the DVD of the computer) in my living room.

Can anyone suggest me as to how to convert these movies or copy them in such a way that i can run in the dvd player without using a computer.

You can’t perform a conversion process on media streams without the use of some software and a computer. The best tip i can give you is to hack an old Xbox and put Xbox Media Center on it. This neat product can deal with almost any format.

Well i have already downloded the media in my computer but the problem is that i need to use my computer to watch these movies.

I wanted to copy these movies in such a way that i dont need the computer to watch these movies instead use my normal dvd player in ma living room.

Can you suggest something Mr. Belvedere please.

Thanks for the reply btw.

use convertxtodvd

Oohhwww… you just need a tool to convert the computer files and thingies to dvd then.

Nero Premium edition can do this for you, but there are tons of other free- and shareware products that can convert some formats to other. There’s SUPER, ConvertXtoDVD, etc.

This convertxtodvd inserts a watermark in the middle unless i buy it. Any suggestions on the full free version?

Now its enough.
Do you think you can break one rule here after another?

Yes if it works for you and you like it, it will continue to watermark until you purchase it. My advice is to go here and purchase it. The trial is a full version.

@vish707: As alan1476 has generously indicated to you, just buy it. :cop:

Since to my knowledge there is no “full free version” of ConvertXtoDVD; if you haven’t read the forum rules concerning warez and copyright, they are reproduced below:

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