How to convert these files or burn?



Yo guys sup…

I got a question…Is there a way to burn .M2V files to a DVD ??
Or is there a way to convert .M2V files to VOBS with ifo/bup files so i can burn them with nero>dvd>dvd-video… i really hope someone on this forum can help me out because im going crazy :rolleyes: :a

thnx in advance…


Yep there is, providing you have the ac3 audio files to match the M2v then use TMPGENC DVD Author, give the m2v and the ac3 the same filename, ie x.m2v and x.ac3, load them into the program and away you go.


no i dont have ac3 files :a just the .M2V files…


Then even if you did an author youd have no audio anyway as the M2v is video only (Mpeg2 Video).


Will the files you have play audio and video?
If so TMPGEnc will extrtact both the audio as wave and video as m2v.
Some m2vs are just video some have video and audio.