How to convert ripped files to Quicktimes movies?

hey ppl, i just ripped the special features of a dvd using DVDShrink and i want to convert the files to Quicktime movies since the total size is about 600mb and i want to burn 'em on a cd.

what software do i need for this?

thanx for the help. :slight_smile:

Quicktime Pro

Not to take over your post love, but I would like to know the other way around.

I have a camera that saves movies in QT, how can I switch that to something else? Say something like to work in “Windows Player” (WMV)

QT does not open video_TS files, sorry if i didnt specify that before.

anyother ideas ppl?

so no one knows how i could convert video_TS files into quick time?

any help would be apprciated.