How to 'convert' PC monitor to RCA/Phonos?

i need to use my PC monitor to watch TV and attach rca / composite plugs to it (including my WII/Gamecube)

I know there are various ways and boxes but i’m not that knowledgeable on such matter :frowning:

If possible, I wish to have both my PC and my WII connected to this single monitor, without disconnecting and shifting inputs, and if possible I wish also to have this device work as a good quality capture card. It doesnt really matter if I need to switch the PC on to watch TV or have my WII displayed on screen AS LONG as the quality is crystal clear.

I already own a capture card - and even though it records /captures really well, the “view without rec” option is really sluggish…

If there are any suggestions of such tuners/captures etc pls share your thoughts

So far locally I found only these two, but non of the stores have it on display to see the picture quality :frowning:


I think you need something along the lines of this:
Hauppauge WINTVHVR1600 Dual Tuner White Box 1101WB PCI Interface - Retail

You may need a switch if you want to run multiple TV/Right/Left inputs (Yellow/Red/White RCAs) into something like this.
Standard Wire & Cable SVID410IR 4-to-1 Composite/S-Video & RCA Audio Switch - Retail

Or, you could run all your video/audio inputs into something like a Pioneer - 600W 5.1-Ch. A/V Home Theater Receiver and use it to switch between inputs with the output going to your card, thus gaining the benefit of a really good HT/Surround setup.

i see
this looks high quality

dunno if it exists or is it possible, but is there a card / tv box which allows you to either watch tv / wii without switching on the pc, or capturing too if you switch on?

sorry but i’m still confused myself cause i dont know which will give higher quality with an easy and quick startup

If you just want to watch your Wii or VCR or antenna/cable on your PC monitor, I think that the two items you listed will work fine. You should be able to pick up something like the switches above if you don’t have enough inputs.

If you want to capture, and you want a decent picture when you’re done, that Hauppauge card is about the bottom of where you want to start. You will have to have your PC on to use it. I don’t think that anything exists to display to the monitor when the PC is off but capture to the PC when it’s on.

ah ok…well my 1st preference is more to watch tv/wii/vhs etc on the monitor rather then capturing prolly i’ll opt for the tuner only…

guess i’m asking to much if I ask for your opinion ofwhich might be a better one between the 2 local choices?

thanks again

[QUOTE=Zelda4e;2221972]guess i’m asking to much if I ask for your opinion ofwhich might be a better one between the 2 local choices?[/QUOTE]Not at all.
As far as I can tell, they both support the exact same inputs and outputs, physically. The Media Tech supports a higher resolution but the Manhattan supports more video standards (PAL, NTSC, etc.) As long as it supports your hardware, I’d go with whichever costs less.

ok thanks a lot :slight_smile: