How to convert mp3 songs to .cda (cd format) songs


Newbie question. I want to convert mp3 songs to .cda which can be played by my car audio.

I am using shareware programs but that only allow 4 songs/cd whichis wste of disk space.

Does someone out there know how can i acheive this without actually buying the s/w.

I have Lite-On 16 x dvd Burner and nero 6.0 s/w.

Please help


If you are using Micro$oft Windows, Windows Media Player will do the conversion.

Try Burrrn ( It’s free & does a good job. Unlike some apps it writes the CD-Text as well, not sure that WMP would do that.

Just use Nero to burn as an audio CD, it will convert for you. Drag the files accross into the compilation and hit burn. Or if you don’t have Nero, follow the free instructions from Tim.

Start a cd with Nero, select Audio CD, drag&drop the mp3s and they’ll get automagically converted to cda.

How to convert mp3 songs to cda format?.I have converted mp3 songs to cda using nero express in cd-rw.But it is not working in my cd player.It is old player.Please guide me.

Welcome to CDF.

Many older players , particularly car players , will not play CD-R , let alone CD-RW.

Rather than CD-RW try with a CD-R and also try with Burrrn and burn at 16x.

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Winamp free version does it quickly.