How to convert m4a file format to mp3?



I want to be able to Add songs to Nero Express so I can burn them to CDs, but Nero Express doesn’t recognize files that end in m4a. I have 164 songs in 19 folders that all end in m4a, type MPEG-4.

Is there an easy way to change the file format to mp3 or some other format that Nero will accept?




dbPowerAmp + MP4A Codec :slight_smile:


Read here and find the solution you are looking for.


Thank you for replying to my post.

I typed dbPowerAmp into Google; ended-up downloading dbPowermp and installing it.

I put a CD containing music into an external CD/DVD Player. The CD contains 16 tracks type cda. I wonder, what should I do next, run dBpoweramp Ripper?

dBpowerramp sees the files. It wants to know:

  1. Rip to, I’ll say mp3 (Lame)
  2. What Path, I’ll say Shared Documents\Shared Music
  3. Naming? (Save in Dynamic Artist Folder)
  4. CD Drive, Drive E
  5. Target: Quality (VBR)
  6. Encoding Normal

Its ripping.

Thanks, Catch you latter.



It worked to a degree.

I was able to rip a CD with dbPoweramp and form mp3 files that could be added to a burn list in Nero Express. However, when I tried to use dbPoweramp to convert m4a files to mp3, it didn’t work.

How can I convert the files already in m4a format?


dbPowerAmp + MP4A Codec ?? Did you download and install the codec??


Where do I find mp4a codec?



Same place you find [B] dbPowerAmp [/B] Here :slight_smile:


Or use MediaCoder


Thank you for your help.

I was able to install bPowerramp with mp4a codec and use it to convert m4a format to mp3 and rip CDs to mp3 format.

My next task will be to design a cover for a CD and enscribe it using LightScribe. Any advice?

I appreciate your help with the format issue.

Thanks again.



It would be nice to address the name you are thanking for the solution that other members know whom solution you are referring to perhaps and may others benefit from it.


Download the Switch Sound File Converter from:

It seems to convert anything to anything.


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