How To convert .iso to AVI?

I have several movies backed up on the harddrive, but in .iso and the average size is 4.3gb and space is running out. :sad:

What can I use to convert these .iso’s to AVI to make room on the HD?

Any of then “freeware”? Or do I have to burn them and then use something like AutoGK to convert to AVI?


Just use imgburn

Just burn as Jethro suggested, and store…You don’t need to convert the ISOs to anything, if all you want is HDD space…Or do you want the file on HDD? You can use FairUse Wizard ( the free one), import the iso and convert to avi…

Yes, I want the file’s on the HD and not on DVD. Wanting to backup my movies on the HD and make them smaller so as not to take up so much room.

I have some dvd’s as .iso on the HD and want to shrink them smaller to save space, don’t want to burn them. This way I can stream them to the living room or the bedroom to watch.

thanks for the input

Will it work for the movies I have on the HD as .iso’s already?

yes it will

Thanks for the help everyone :clap: