How to convert iso files to smaller mpeg or avi?


:confused: ISO is not a video file… What do you want to do exactly?

I currently use dvd shrink to convert DVD’s to ISO files, under 4.7 gb.

I want to shrink these 4.7gb ISO files of movies into 700mb video clip files.

Any way I can do that while retaining the same or near same quality as my rip?

How do you suppose you can reduce the size of a 4.35 GB iso/ ,or DVD files for that matter, down to 700 MBs while still retaining the quality as the rip???..The bitrate will reduce down a substancial amount…

Can’t be done…

You must extract the ISO file back to your HDD and then work with those original files.

Oh that’s the simple part…he can open the iso back up in Shrink and output it into VOBs…but to reduce that down to 700MBs without losing quality, regardless of what format…now that’s the difficult, impossible part.

Ok, now I understand :slight_smile:

There are various ways to compress a movie into smaller dimensions.

The most diffused (and usable also with standalone players) is to convert DVD into an avi with the DivX (not free) or the Xvid (free) codec. To use this method you should not save as ISO, but as vob-ifo.bup files selecting “Hard disc Folder” instead of ISO, because for what I know no AVI converting software is able to use an ISO file as input.

A good tool to do this conversion is AutoGK: free and really easy to use.

If you want to watch these movies on your computer only, there is also another method: converting files into a MKV file (matroska container) using the H.264 codec. This codec allows to compress much more a movie with better quality than XviD or DivX, but it requires a very powerful CPU. Moreover, these files cannot be read by a standalone player. To watch these movies you can use the free VLC player.

A good tool to create MKV files is AutoMKV, again free and rather simple to use :slight_smile:

I assume your DVD player supports Avi’s

Instead of your output being in Iso form change the output to IFo,Bup,Vob’s.

Use FlaskMPEG to convert the vobs to Avi, then you will get your 700mb size with good quality.


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While retaining the same or near same quality??..Seriously doubt that it will be anything close to the original or original rip with Shrink.
If so I’d like to see that for myself… :cool:

Guess he will have to try it and find out if it is to his liking.

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Certainly VOB files (because of a lower compression and then a lower amount of data loss) has a better quality.

However, I did some tests with the H.264 codec, and I was amazed by the huge difference in quality compared to the XviD codec. Compressing a VOB file with Xvid and with H.264 creating an avi file of the same dimensions, the H.264 coded gave amazing results.

I extracted a segment of a movie with DVD Shrink (no compression done on VOB files; file size 305MB), and then used Xvid and H.264 to compress this vob file into a 40MB file. Even if the compression done is excessive, and then resulting quality is not the very best, I can say that H.264 did a great job still retaining a good quality. Xvid produced a ugly pixellated video.

I don’t have a big screen television to do comparisons, but I can say that H.264 is a really excellent codec :iagree:

Here is a guide as well

DVD to DivX (Xvid) Conversion Guide :

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I guess it all depends on what each person’s expectations and tolerences are…For me, that amount of change to the bitrate, regardless of format or codec, is completely unacceptable…but that’s just me I guess…LOL… :bigsmile: :wink:

I use Womble MPEG Video DVD Wizard to just split the original VOB’s to any size I want.