How to convert from VCD format to DVD format

Still a newbee question for all you gurus. I just want to know how to convert my old Video CD (VCD) fromat videos to DVD format. And also what Software will I use to do these task.

Thanks for all your help.

It might not be worth the trouble. Vcd uses mpeg1 and dvd uses mpeg2. Mpeg 2 takes a lot more room. Since you are starting out with mpeg 1, you will only get mpeg 1 quality even though you are converting to mpeg 2. Say for instance you are doing movies. You will still only be able to fit one or at the most two movies on a dvd (because it gets substantially larger when you convert to dvd compliant mpeg2), with the same quality you are getting from your current vcd’s.
If you do want to do it, and have nero 6.? then it should be able to handle it and let you make menus and such. I have only done svcd’s, but I think that vcd are the same. Thier should be a folder with the mpeg file in it (the svcd I just checked only had a single video file). That is all you need. Open the make your own dvd video option in nero start smart (nerovision express). Add the mpeg file from your vcd (if you are going to try to get more than one vcd on a dvd, you might want to copy the mpeg files to your hard drive so that you can use one source for multiple files). Click next and go through the steps to make menus and burn it. If you are still interested I can probably find you a guide to do it. Thier are of course many other programs for making dvd’s, any of which should have no porblem converting the mpeg files off your vcd to mpeg2 with the correct formating.
Thier is another option you might want to consider. Some stand alone players and any dvd computer drive can play mpeg files that were recorded as data. You will not get any fancy menus, but you could get 6 or more full vcd disks worth of mpeg files on a dvd with the same video quality. It would only waste one blank dvd to try it and see if your standalone players will play it. Just select the make data dvd in nero start smart and add all your mpeg files till the disk is full (or almost full). Since you are going to be burning from several vcd’s though, you will of course want to copy the mpeg files to your hard drive first. Just right click the computer drive in my computer that contains your vcd, click explore, then just look around for a file that is almost the full size of a cd (700 meg or so). copy that file to your hard drive.

I don’t think it worthwhile, certainly not from a quality point of view as it’s likely it will slightly reduce an already average quality.

However, DVDLab Pro ,which is a very good DVD authoring tool, will take your VCD mpeg files, demux them , resample the audio & allow you to add multiple movies with your own menues to a DVD.
It doesn’t do any conversion so a 700mb VCD will still only take 700mb (give or take) on a DVD so you could get 6 VCD movies on a DVD, with no change to quality.

I’ll admit I’ve never done this other than playing around but that showed me it could work.

Hey RipIt ! thanks for your help I tried what you suggested but upon previewing the scenes I’ve noticed that the video is like slowmotion but the audio of the video is OK. What do you think the problem.Can you suggest a soluion to it? Thanks great help!

Could you be more specific about what you did since I recomended more than one possibility? Did you convert it with nerovision express or just burn as data, and at what point (and using what software) did you preview it?

Sir, what i did was I use Nero Vision Express - Make your own DVD video - add video file…and when I preview the video i’ve noticed that the video is like a slowmotion but the audio is OK.What do you think I did wrong?
Thanks in advance bro!

You may also want to try Svcd2dvd its what i use to do what you want. Its very easy to use, if that’s what you’re looking for. I’ve used it to put 6 vcds on 1 dvd in less than a hour on a p4 2.5. The reason for the speed is it doesn’t re-encode the video only the audio. It will let you make a menu, but now for the bad part part. It’s not free, though there is a demo you can try. I tried the demo and liked it so much, i bought it. You can do more with other programs like Dvd-Lab, but the one thing i like is the speed and ease of use.

Thanks for your help bro! I’ll try what you suggested.
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I’m not sure but If I have time, I am going to convert some xvids to dvd tonight. I’ll see if they preview normally. If thier are programs that will let yo do dvd format with unconverted mpeg 1 files, I would do that (I didn’t know you could).

The xvid files previewed fine for me. What version of nero are you using? Some of the earlier versions had some issues with nero vision. I would update to 6.6??? if you havent already. Beyond that, If it were me, I would just try it and see if the disk plays. You could also just burn to the hard drive (on the last screen, it will allow you to select where to burn to) but I’m not sure if that saves it in a manner that can be easilly burned to a disk?

Just another thought. I have those xvid converting and some other stuff running, and now when I try to play a video file (organizing my files at the moment), some of them do just as you described. The video is all jumpy but the audio is fine. Maybe you do not have enough system resources free to play the video. Thst makes me think even more, just try to convert and burn it and see if it works.

thanks for your help bro!

Mine is 6.3 version.Does it affect my project. Do i have to update it!

I’m using nero 6.3 on one computer and nero 6.6 on another (the one with nero 6.3 isn’t conected to the internet so I have been to lasy to transfer files and update). From what I recall, nero 6.3 had most of the bugs worked out (6.0 didn’t). If you actually try a conversion, and it doesn’t work, then I would update.

Sir I already finished downloading and tried to do another and it was a success. But the problem is how can i combine 2 part movie and do in 1 movie continously.The vcd that i’m trying to convert is a 2 part cd and convert it into i continous dvd movie.How can i join this 2 part vcds so that when i watch it its continous without goin to the menu and run the other movie.

Thanks again.

BTW, sorry maybe for you guys its very easy task but for me i’m really new and don’t know much thing with this cd stuffs. I’m just styarting to love them now.

I havent actually tried this but it looks like it should work. Add both files on the first page where you add files. Click next. click edit menu. Click the more buton. You can select to start title with the menu, but then it will show that you have two files (could just call them part 1 and 2). If you tell it to start with the first file it should just start playing the movie when you insert the disk. The box below that that says “when finished playing a title” is the one that will do what you want to defanatlly change though. Select “play next title”. That should make it play the second file (second disk) when the first ends. I’m not sure if thier is a pause or not but at least it will automatically play.

That was on nero 6.6. I just looked at nero 6.3 and it looks like the only diffrence is skip clicking the edit menu button (it’s not even their). Just click more on the second page.
Let me know how it works. I Have a few svcd’s that I might want to convert one of these days if I ever get around to it.

Thank sir! I’ll try it and tell you what happen. I do really owe you one for this. Huge help for us starters.

Thanks again and more power!!!

I just did what you told me to do. I click the edit menu then click more button. But after that I don’t know what to do next.I put the two portion into the bar then tried to preview but upon transfering to the second part it stops.
How could i make it continue to play up to the second video.