How to convert from m4a to mp3?

I want to use Nero Express to burn songs to CD/DVDs, but Nero Express does not recognize the format my songs are in. They are in MPEG-4 Audio format. They end in m4a. What should I do? Is there an easy way to convert them to mp3?

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Here are a couple of options that may start you off…



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Followed the linK;downloaded Alto mp3 Gold. Used it to rip 3 songs from CD to mp3 format. Free sample is over. The software cost is $29.95.

Downloaded freeware AVS Media Tools 4 – converted m4a to mp3 but did not always collect song name, album, artist


Doesn’t Nero allow you to re-encode songs into different formats? If you go to Nero StartSmart and choose “Encode Audio Files” you’ll be presented with a variety of formats with which you can convert to and from.

Converting between two lossy formats like that isn’t a great idea… however, if you do, it’d be best if you set the bitrate of the resulting MP3s to be at least double that of the AAC files.

If you have iTunes (if you’re using AAC files at all, it’s likely you do and are using an iPod), and these m4a files are in your library, you can simply set iTunes’ encoder to MP3, select them all and convert. Of course, assuming you have iTunes and these files in your library, you can simply create audio CDs using them straight from iTunes without going through the conversion, or using Nero.

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I expected Nero to have it but I didn’t know where to look.

Hi TM2-Megatron,

I would like to handle music files the best way possible, and I really appreciate your help. Where in iTunes is the encoder? I clicked on Edit, Preferences and didn’t see it.

I found that when I rip CDs using iTunes I nearly always get the song title, artist name, etc. put into my library of music, and this avoids typing. So what format and bit rate should I use? How should I setup iTunes?

The reason I use Nero for burning is I have a Light Scribe CD/DVD burner, and Nero has a much more extensive repertoire of features for burning disks than any toolset I have found. I now understand that Nero does have a program to convert from m4a to other formats. I just didn’t know where to find it.



KC, to use iTunes, edit->preferences->advanced->importing (tab)

There, the drop down “encoder” will let you select encoding type, and the “setting” to custom will let you select bit rate.