How to convert from DVD to MPG or AVI?

I have read through many of the guides at Doom9 and looked through the guides and tutorials and threads on these forums, but I haven’t found a solution for what I want to do (though I may have just missed it).

I want to convert some movies from DVD to stand-alone MPG or AVI files to view on any Windows computer. What tools do I need (preferrably free) in order to accomplish this? Are there any guides or tutorials somewhere on the Internet that I could use, as well?


TX Techie

I’d suggest you start reading here

I’d vote for autogk. Search doom9

hi, maybe you can have a try one winavi video converter which can do your job perfectly.

As I stated, I did look through some of the guides, but didn’t see anything that pertained to my specific need.

But, after skimming through them again, I guess I could take most of the information from the following guides, just leaving out the final burn to CD part… huh?:

[li]How to backup your DVD to DivX simply
[/li][li]How to backup your DVD to SVCD
[/li][li]How to backup your DVD to VCD (with DVD2SVCD)
[/li][li]How to backup your DVD to VCD (with TMPGEnc)
Thanks, ChickenMan.

TX Techie

Wow! AutoGK does look promising/interesting.

Thanks, richardd!

Though, I’m a bit worried about having to load a different codec on another computer just to view the video. Is there anyway to convert the XviD AVI video to a more standard AVI codec (that would already be included on a standard Windows XP computer)? Or similar?


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Wow! :bow:

For only $30 (and a lifetime of updates) - this looks like a very impressive package! Thank you, zjmedia!

Can anyone provide any details about the quality of output that it is capable of producing?


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Although Winavi converter sounds wonderful on the surface, it’s prone to crashes. It does a fairly good job in most cases, but does sometimes have audio sync issues.
I like Fairuse Wizard, which will rip directly to XviD compressed avi. AFAIK it’s still free.
Check the tools section at for “DVD to AVI”. There’s a very long list, some free.


Thank you, I appreciate your input… I’ll check out the tools section at for “DVD to AVI” as you suggested.

Thanks again,

TX Techie

Except there is no guide on how to do it. If you go to the unofficial forum, the ‘answer’ is to use someone else’s software or forget about it, because it is not really for this purpose, see:


BTW, I am a registered user of winavi. I successfully use it to convert xvid to dvd, but I have not been able to convert a DVD to Xvid.

Hi TX Techie,

Since all you have a problem with is Burning to the CD then I’d suggest VCDEasy(freeware version of this program is still available on the web, Google for it). Simply add the mpg to the Gui and add chapters and the rest is as the name suggests. Personally have burned many a VCD and SVCD without a single Dud.

Hope this helps.

PS. Rest is just as the guides suggest.

Actually, what I’m looking for is what was recommended by eleewhm in this post from the DVD to individual files message thread. And, you agreed with eleewhm that MPEG-VCR is the best software solution for this purpose.

Thank you, eleewhm and unicorn23! :slight_smile:

TX Techie

Auto Gordian Knot (AutoGK) seems to work well if you want a more Hands-off approach to the DVD->AVI conversion process. Unfortunately, it’s bundled with ad-ware now. I did write a small app to remove the “DAE” bundled ad-ware though. :iagree:

If you do use AutoGK, there is a short users guide on for it as well.