How to convert files recorded on lite on 5005

Hello everyone i have a question on how to convert the files from a LITEON 5005 writer to a
diffrent format, all the dvds i record on my liteon 5005 play ok on the same unit,but when i try
to play the same dvd on my suv dvd player (stock) it does not play, so i was wondering how can i convert
the files from the liteon to DVD format or something else to be able to watch them on my SUV dvd player.
the suv player is a panasonic, its an overhead dvd player in my yukon it plays all my dvd movies (rentals)
or any other commercial dvd movie.but not the ones recorded on my liteon 5005.
thanks in advance.

Answer some more questions for us? Are you finalizing the DVD disc? What type of disc are you using ex: +/- R/RW? Check the compatiblity with your SUV DVD Player? The 5005 records most everything in DVD+VR format. This is fairly compatible with most DVD Players. I record everything on a DVD+RW and copy what I want over on my PC. Burn with Nero Recode in DVD-Video format. Works for me and saves $$!! Hope this helps!

thanks a lot had1, yes the dvds are finalized, i usually record on dvd -r (ritek).
if you dont mind telling me how to record from dvd+vr to dvd video format, iam willing to try that.
i have nero recode but not installed, does it have a wizard? or what are the steps.
thanks in advance.