How to convert dvd using dvdfab6 to nokia 5800xp music

i have recently purchased a nokia 5800xp music…& have been using the dvdfab6 30day trial version…it only provides settings 4 nokia n95…how can i get the best results 4 my nokia5800 using dvd to mobile…it would be kind if anyone could guide me on this…

Please post the video specs/file requirements or a link to where they may be found.

Your 5800 will play the same as the N95, as I am sure Fab is using MP4, since this is what the N95 uses, unless someone knows different and Fab is actually using H264.

Signals, you probably know which format Fab uses so I will give you the info you ask for, the 5800 will play MP4-SP, MP4-AVC, or WMV9.