How to convert DVD from a 5005 to MPG or AVI?



I have read through many of the guides at Doom9 and looked through the guides and tutorials and threads on these forums, but I haven’t found a solution for what I want to do (though I may have just missed it).

I want to convert some movies that I recorded onto a DVD from the LiteOn LVW-5005 to stand-alone MPG or AVI files to view on any Windows computer. What tools do I need (preferrably free) in order to accomplish this? Are there any guides or tutorials somewhere on the Internet that I could use, as well?

bomb_dog mentioned in this post:

bomb_dog - or anyone else ;), what tool or tools do you use to accomplish this? And, how?


TX Techie


Here’s a site that links to suitable freeware. Don’t know how good it is.