How to convert dvd dts to ac3?



i have a dvd with dts audio on it and coping it to another dvd but why cannot dvdfab convert dts to ac3? this being such a great program but can not do this? or am i missing somethin


Audio conversion is a specialist task and it’s normal for movie backup solutions not to support this.

There are several reasons for this but in my mind the key ones are that there’s always far greater scope for compressing the video and the vast majority of discs already contain ac3 audio streams anyway.



I haven’t tested but wouldn’t DVDFab just make an exact copy of the audio tracks on the DVD ?
So the new copied DVD would usually have .AC3 & DTS tracks as they were on the original DVD.
What you need is a DVD player & reciever that can play the DTS track.
Now if for some reason you need to convert the DTS track to .AC3 .
You have to rip it with DVD Ripper . Audio copy .
This will give you the audio.dts of the movie.
Audacity with the ffmpeg plugin will convert the .DTS file to .AC3 .
From there you would need a software to mux this back in .
I haven’t tested but AVIDemux would be my first try.
I’m pretty sure DVDFab won’t do the mux .