How to convert DVD Chapters into DVD Titles


Could anyone tell me how to LOSSLESS (and DO NOT RE-Encode) Convert Chapters into Titles and split the Titles just made into several chapters?

for example:
+Title 1

  • Chapter 1 [00:22:13]
  • Chapter 2 [00:41:49]
  • Chapter 10[00:25:52]

Title 1 [00:42:13]

  • Chapter 1 [00:10:00]
  • Chapter 2 [00:10:00]
  • Chapter 3 [00:02:13]
    Title 2 [00:41:49]
  • Chapter 1 [00:10:00]

    Title 10 [00:25:52]
  • Chapter 1 [00:10:00]
  • Chapter 2 [00:10:00]
  • Chapter 3 [00:02:13]

Thank you


  1. Use DVD Shrink in re-author mode to make a compilation. Yo will drag title 1 over 10 times and in the 1st one, set both start and end points as chapter 1; in the 2nd one as chapter 2, etc. Ensure the DVD size is set to DVD-9. Press backup.

  1. Take the output of DVD Shrink and run it thru VobBlanker, splitting cells at the 10 minute mark. (You could also demux and remux in muxman) with celltimes.txt file.


Thank you very much for your help!

But I still have a question here,

Could I keep the Original DVD Menu?
I try to drag the Original Menu in DVD Shrink Re-Author mode. It popup a box warning me it cannot retain menu functionality.

Should I make a New DVD menu before using VobBlanker or after? How could I do this?

Nope - you have altered the structure of the DVD b adding titles. The menu is useless. You could import it using PgcEdit but would need to reprogram all its commands.


Oh I see, Thank you for your help!!!