How to convert DTS audio-CD to some compressed 5.1 format?

I want to convert a DTS audio CD into a compressed format on the harddisk to play with some audio player, but i’m unable to do so, i tried to look for tutorials, i didn’t find any useful one (doom9, and other links).

the only thing i was able to do was to rip the DTS-Wave format to the harddisk (which is playable with WinDVD or VideoLan only), i tried to convert it to normal 6-channel wave but with no success. i got the tools graphedit, dtsparser, dts2wav, dbPowerAmp, EAC.

question is: is there a compressed 5.1 format out there? someone that is a free standard or with free encoders?

i’d be glad if someone can give me a link for a tutorial/guide.

The DTS format doesn’t matter if it’s on a CD, DVD or your HDD it’s the same format isn’t it?

DVD Audio Extractor should work, get it from google.

You should be able to also listen to the DTS audio in an excellent player program called Foobar2000. (You may have to get the “special” download package. I forget.)

If you go download the Ogg Vorbis encoder, then you’re all set. Ogg Vorbis is like MP3 but it is of better quality and supports surround-sound.

Foobar2000 should also be able to convert the DTS audio to Ogg Vorbis.

Foobar (special edition, full install) doesn’t seem to like me DTS music, it gives only noise.

only winDVD and VideoLan Client played corretly the cd.

i tried DVD Audio Extractor, but as the name says, DVD, it didn’t show the tracks on the DTS-AudioCD.

i tried also dbPowerAmp, to extract to ogg, but also noise, doing an extraction to wav give a DTS wav file that plays well in vlc.

any program to convert DTS-Wav into normal 6-ch wav?

Perhaps you should go to and ask them if there’s anything they know of that will make Foobar2000 play DTS-CD’s or DTS-WAV’s as they are meant to be played.

I know for a fact that Foobar2000 works with DTS soundtracks from DVD’s.

Seems it doesn’t work with me…

i ripped a DTS track on the harddisk, i tried with extensions wav, dts, dts-wav, none seems to work…

I am wondering if you could give me some info

Here is my dilemma,

Your dts audio cdr are truly awesome and amazing, and when I burn them as an image to a cd they play perfectly in my stand alond dvd player with digital output stream into digital amp,

But obviously when I put it into my digital media centre the software sees it as a cd and cant play it and the dvd wont play it as it is cd media,

I have recently got something similar with pink floyd but the file was an audio ac3 .vob file, which is perfect for me as my media centre can play that as a .vob file due to the codec being installed,

Is there anyway to extract the dts audio out of the …gi image and create a .vob file with the in either ac3 or dts so I can play them from a software decoder into my digital amp.

I have found a million ways to extract from .vob to x,y,z………formats

Any help would be awesome and if it can be done maybe you can do both the dts format and the .vob format of the same albums

Many thanks


hi there I have been able to convert successfully a dts CD to WMA Professional 5.1 FILE…
what really helped was having creative labs audigy 2 zs soundcard with that you media source player recorder. whats damn clever about the recorder is that using ‘what you hear’ it will record multichannel playback in a multichannel wav file…in this case 96khz 24bit 6 channel…on the next soundcard up the recorder it will let you record in any sample rate bit resolution//i dont know how it does it - wdm or something but it is neat…the other option is using the long way round…ie a player deck that plays dts cd’s and using 3 stereo pairs ie FL FR, CEN LFE, Ls Rs record the 3 stereos into your line in input.them combine in synch using a pretty good audio editor that uses multitrack recording…eg audition or its pre decessor…cooledit pro - test out synch with the surround editor --when done save out as wma pro lossy or lossless i do this for sacd’s btw you can downsample if you want you or downmix to stereo…er why? isnt multichannel meant to be the thing…??
btw .once you have it as 6 channel wav file you can save out all 6 monos after downsampling to 48khz and converting it to AC3, theres an open source app called AC3 machine or Besweet and another called headAC3he…that makes ac3 CD’s – now if you wanna turn into a vob…well…you gonna need an image or video.?? mind you i have get out on this,you can add ac3 audio to static menus…ie still pics…and the neat part of that is…you can make…not your own dts cds’s but…mini dvd’s in my case i had converted a DOUBLE SACD ie two hours of surround music into a mini dvd…that sat quite comfortably on a standard CD !!! and had room left over for still slideshow/text /cd artwork.maybe even short video clip…and had i chopped the audio stream into tracks chapters you could even pick each track at random…so mini dvd …ie dvd data on a CD…2 hours of surround audio…

@ bobchewie: Welcome to the forum. If you check the date on the thread you responded to, you may notice that it’s over 4 years old! I hope they solved their problem by now…BTW, how did you happen to dig it up?

BTW, how did you happen to dig it up?

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