How to convert cda to mp3?



What do I need to copy cd music files (cda) to my hard drive as mp3 files? Many thanks in advance


You can use the prog MusicMatch Jukebox (the one i used for all my live) for it. It’s a all in one tool, it can rip, convert, write , and much more

You can download it at

and the crack you can get at


Try audiocatalyst its everything you need and more


You absolutely need the frauenhofer encoder so xing is out of the question. Good cd ripping but as encoder it sucks.
rename to a zip file and use it with nero. This one is very good (also a bit slow)


Ok Here is my opinion, you grab your cd’s with windac… 1.50 is out. AND ALWAYS USE SECTORSYNC!!!and then you use the fraunhofer engine to encode… you could also use the xing engine but the fraunhofer is tiny bit better. (above 192k/bit it doesn’t matter though!) and put them stereo NOT JOINT STEREO!! by default!