How to convert and burn video to dvd

Today a lot of people have DVDs and some also don’t know how to make dvds by themselves. There are many file formats such as Avi, Divx, Wmv, Asf, Xvid, Mpeg, DAT(vcd format), Mov(QuickTime media), etc. You have to convert the source file to the DVD(VOB) VCD SVCD compatilbe mpeg format, and then burn the Mpeg file to video disc so that you can play the movies on your home DVD Players. This guide will tell you how to convert and burn video to DVD.


1.Download a powerful software(I prefer to use ULTRA DVD CREATOR, and I think it’s the best one I’ve used) and install it.

2.Click the Video Disc Creator button, then choose output disc type DVD SVCD or VCD.

Figure 1: e.g. choose DVD disc

3.Click “Add Files” to load the source video file(s):

Figure 2:

Notice (if you use ULTRA DVD CREATOR):

**The source video file must be played with your Window Media Player. Otherwise you should install more codec.

**Total duration of all source video files must be smaller than a disc capability.

**You must organise all the files to a correct order ,because the output disc will play as the source-list order.

4.When organised all the video files OK, click “Run” to begin to convert:

  1. Set the Parameters of your output file(s):

Figure 3:

Output Folder: the destination of your DVD file.

TV Type: NTSC is widely used in US, Japnan, Canada, Asia, and American Continent and Pal is widely used in Western Europ.

Aspect Ration: 4:3 is used in nornal TV and 16:9 is used in HDTV.

  1. When all the options is OK, click “Start” button to create a disc:

Figure 4:

Note: Don’t forget to put a disc in your re-writer drive.

OK, now you can enjoy your favorite movies/videos on your home DVD Players.

I prefer nero vision, came free with my pc :wink:

How can I burn divx video files and avi media clips together without paying for any codec? I have Nero burning rom and doesn’t accept de divx video files (they don’t even appear to add them).

Does exist another free burner that accepts boths formats?


umm, I’m pretty sure if you download divx you get the codecs for free.