How to convert a VOB to ISO?

Hey guys, i just realy wanted to know if it is possible to convert a whole lot of VOB files into 1 ISO file?

For instants i ripped the VOB files and all the other files that were ripped (dycrypt) from the DVD Movie, and now i want to turn/converts these files into an ISO, is it possible?

If not, how can i burn all the VOB files onto another CD? Do i do it normally by just inserting all the VOB files into one folder or something.

If anyone could help, i would appreciate it, Thanks

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Try the free Great tool to have in your tool collection :cool:

Why create an ISO? Burn them as they are in the program bob suggested.

zNinjaa;You need to use all the files for the ISO if you only use the .VOB’s the resulting DVD won’t play.
I assume you meant DVD disc instead of CD disc.
I think IMGBurn will make you an .ISO of just the .vobs but IMHO it will be a coaster.To work it needs the .ifo & .bup files.

You can convert to an ISO using DVD Shrink. Shrink won’t let you create the ISO unless all the necessary files are in the input directory.