How to convert a video-file to play it on YouTube? (Sony PCGA-DDRW3)

[qanda]This thread is about the . Click here to see full specs[/qanda]i need help with converting a file

the file is D:VIDEO_TSVTS_01_0.BUP and it is on a cd i would like to convert it to play on youtube

A .bup file doesn’t contain any video material.

Are there not any other files in the video_ts folder?

there is a .vob

a .bup file is a [B]B[/B]ack[B]UP[/B] file.

in case of corruption to the orignal file.

Look at this site to choose from free encoders.

This is from Wikipedia.
YouTube’s video playback technology is based on Macromedia’s Flash Player. This technology allows the site to display videos with quality comparable to more established video playback technologies (such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime and RealPlayer) that generally require the user to download and install a web browser plugin in order to view video. Flash also requires a plug-in, but Adobe considers the Flash 7 plug-in to be present on about 90% of online computers.[40] Users can view videos in windowed mode or full screen mode and it is possible to switch modes during playback without reloading it due to the full-screen function of Adobe Flash Player 9. The video can also be played back with third-party media players such as GOM Player, gnash, VLC as well as some ffmpeg-based video players.

Videos uploaded to YouTube are limited to ten minutes in length,[41] and a file size of 1GB. One video at a time can be uploaded through the standard interface, and multiple videos can be uploaded with a Windows based plugin.[42] YouTube converts videos into the Flash Video format after uploading.[43] YouTube also converts content to other formats so that it can be viewed outside of the website (see below).

YouTube accepts uploaded videos in the .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, MPEG and .MP4 formats. It also supports 3GP, allowing videos to be uploaded directly from a mobile phone.[44]

The .vob is your video file. How big is the .vob file? If you don’t need any of the dvd structure (menus etc), and there is just 1 .vob file (though normally there should be more than one), just copy the .vob to your hard drive, and change the file extension from .vob to .mpg. >vob files are mpeg files, but when used with dvd they use the .vob extension to designate that it is a dvd file. If there are several .vob files, you will have to figure out which is the right one. If it is a long video (like most dvd’s), there might be several .vob files for one video segment (the other support files would normally tell what order to play them in). If the .vob is less than the size limit for youtube, then you should just be able to change the file extension on the file and upload it.

it is a video of the sling shot at the state fair ride

Since your file is on CD it cannot be larger than 700MB.
If it is just a movie without any menus, than renaming to mpg like [B]ripit[/B] say will do, since You Tube’s limitation is 1 GB file, not longer than 10 minutes.
If the file is longer than that, you will have to cut it with some editing software.
To check a file format, you can download G Spot(free), load .VOB in it and it will tell you all info needed.
Than post it here for more help, if required.

how do i convert the file is what i need to know

Based on what CDuncle said, you shouldn’t have to convert it. If youtube accepts mpeg uploads, just change the file name extension from .vob to .mpg. .vob files are mpeg files. They just use the .vob extension to know that it is a dvd file (which lets players know to go looking for menu files etc, not just play the video).


hope this helps