How to convert a video file so it will play on a dvd. topgear



I used nero (nero start smart) I just dropped in the files and hit go-I thought would do what i wanted…it took like 3hrs but it didn’t work Arghhh. - I have been able to back up a DVD disk and make it play on my dvd so i know its not the dvd player,. -

thanks any insights would be appreciated, i’m out of energy and time otherwise I would keep searching for this newbie answer.

The file is of top gear episode I want to be able to play top gear episodes on my big screen since i’m in the states.


what file format is it?


well it’s seems like the problem was that Nero thought it would be best to make the dvd in PAL format instead of the US standard of NTSC.(makes sense since the show is recorded in PAL format) So all is working now. :clap: I’m wondering though if the video file is 350mb and has been compressed… would you just choose “long play” w/ a lower bitrate when you convert for a DVD file or will there be a noticeable picture diffrence by using high quality transcoding?
anyone else not able to wait till sunday-monday?


what you see is what you get…the picture will get no better…what i would do is go w/ medium or high quality and what you see in that 350mb file now is about what you’ll get all together…probably be about a 500 or 600 mb file more than likely


yup that’s what I’ll do. thanks for the insight.


u got it