How to convert a MP4 video fil to a DVD video fil?

I have MP4 movie fil but i can`t convert that with DVD santa to dvd fil. i need to convertit first to a avi or wmv video fil so i can use DVD santa to convert it to a dvd fil. please help me?

MP4 files are generally protected, (will not convert). If it’s a QuickTime file, you can convert it to .mov and use that to author a DVD in a number of different authoring programs. But unless it’s at 480 resolution, the results will not be great. Perhaps you should specify exactly what you have.

As CDan says MP4 files are normally protected.
If yours isn’t you could try Nerovision.
I have sucessfully converted mp4 video to dvd pal with Nerovision.
You can create menu’s too if required. Resolution will be a factor too.