How to convert a movie to 700mb

can someone help i am looking to copy my movies and convert them to 700mb i don’t know any software that does a good job.

What do you plan on playing these 700mb files with?

Do you have a dvd player that is capable of playing divx or xvid .avi files? Many modern dvd players can do this.

Or are you going to use them on a computer? And if so, do you want to play them from the hard drive, or are you going to burn to disks?

Most people who do this are using either the xvid or divx codecs…though some are going to H264 even though it takes more processing power and isn’t compatible with standalone dvd players.
Look at AutoGK for conversion to xvid or divx. Or FairUse Wizard.

If you are going to use FairUse Wizard be aware it needs to import the dvd from a disk, or disk image (ISO file). There is a free version of FairUseWizard with no file size restrictions, called the celtic_druid version. You can download either version here:

Another possibility, especially if you are interested in H264, is MeGUI. Found here:
Not nearly as user friendly.

my advice is “Gordian Knot” it aint super easy to use. but it aint hard either and does a great job at converting your dvd’s to XviD format and quality is nice. (thats what i use personally) … so basically install that and then Gordian Knot and your good. usually has decent tutorials if your unsure on what to do.

a word of advice…
movies that are about 1hour 30min or 1hour 40min ish or so = 700MB (convert dvd’s audio track down to 128 or 192bit rate MP3… especially if the ac3 audio track is 300+ bit rate etc, if it’s like 192 i would probably not convert it to mp3)
movies that are about 2hours+ i would recommend using 1400MB instead to keep quality high. (just use the dvd’s AC3 audio track in most cases with these… basically the audio will be identicle to the dvd)

a general word of advice on 700MB xvid files… keep the “bits per pixel” number to about 17… for 2 CD rips (1400MB) i think it’s recommended to keep it to about 23-24 or so… also in the codec configuration screen you can choose from Quantization Type of either MPEG (sharpens the image) (recommended for 2hour ish 1400MB rips) or H.263 (softens the image) (recommended for 700MB rips in general)

as for a player to play these files… i would recommend the original XBox console running XBMC (XBox Media Center) as it works great for that. and even in recent times the XBox360 console will play these files to with the newest dashboard update from microsoft… you can play them from a dvd recordable disc or even a external hard drive :wink: