How to convert a dvd of tom n jerry to divx?>



I know how to do it, I just dont know which way to rip it. I am using dvd decrypter and auto GK. The disc has 14 cartoons on it. If I dont want all 14 episodes to be stuck together, do I HAVE to set dvd decrypter to seperate files by chapter or do I have to select an individual cartoon PCG every time so that there an ifo. file for each cartoon?

Or, do I rip the thing in seperate by chapter, and just give auto gk the ifo file as the input, and it will have the chapter/cartoon serarations in place when I go to watch?

Bit stuck here. If I don’t get a reply in time I’ll try both and let you know how it went.


Looks like its going to be the long way round. Ah well.