How to convert a DTS Cd to a normal audio CD?

if have a DTS cd recording with I would like to covert to a Normal Audio CD.
on WINDVD I’m able to play de DTS cd, but I tried Foobar to convert the
dts track but so far all in vain. (get a hissing sound)
which simple programme can I use to convert a DTS CD to a Normal
Audio cd?
tks. kindly in advance.

DTS CD doesn’t exist.

Answers are here:

Oh yes, they do… link1 link2



This should work:

[li] perform a standard extraction to .WAV files,
[/li][li] rename the .WAV files to .DTS,
[/li][li] open them with Foobar and convert them to PCM WAV,
[/li][li] burn WAVs to an Audio CD.

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the extension is .cda, how do I convert this to .dts???

Never seen one before. Thanks.
How should this work from CD???


OK, found it.

All DTS Music CDs Reviewed on this page REQUIRE a DTS capable surround sound decoder and a CD player or DVD player with digital out. Note that a few CD players do not work with DTS encoded CDs because they modify the digital output. Most DTS music CDs are either 4.1 channel or 5.1 channel. This means 4 or 5 channels/speakers plus a bass channel (subwoofer). DTS recommends that full range speakers be used on all channels and that the surround speakers be placed to the rear. I do not find this practical in my setup (I use Surrounds that have response down to 50Hz and a center with response down to 40Hz and the surrounds are placed to the sides), but the results are still excellent. Also some DTS decoders are not able to redirect the center channel or the subwoofer channel if you do not have them. Check the decoder you plan to buy ahead of time if this is important to you. See the DTS Web Site for more details on the hardare and where to buy DTS Music CDs.

You have not ripped the files correctly… CDA are not true files.

You must have .wav files, several megabytes each. To do that, you can use EAC, CDex or any other ripper available, or even Nero if you have it… then follow the steps descripted above.

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Sorry, what do you mean exactly?

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hi, i tried this but i doesn’t work. foobar wont read .dts files. it says they are in an unrecognized format.

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You’re using foobar [B]0.9[/B], right? The [I]foo_dts[/I] plugin has been removed from Foobar for licensing reasons… see this thread at Hydrogenaudio. I was using previous version [B]0.8.x[/B] at the time of the post.



ah ok, thanks. i was able to extract with VLC player but it took forever cause it can only do 1 file at a time, and it doesnt save any of the settings. what a lame program. then i converted to 2 channel wavs with quicktime. i couldnt find anything else to open the 6 channel wavs.

That’s like saying “it took me ages to open a can of beans with this bicycle tyre pump. what a lame bicycle pump”

hmm, well that’s probably the most innaccurate analogy i’ve ever heard. what i was trying to do is included as one of the programs features (bicycle pumps do not include can opening in the instructions/features, VLC player includes playing and converting files from CDs in it’s instructions/features), but it works very poorly. It can’t even properly play the files on the CD. if you try to skip fwd or back, it just glitches and goes back to the beginning. and why shouldnt it save your settings so you dont have to go thru 4 pages of options and questions in the wizard for each and every track you want to convert, and also not be able to just do the whole cd at once?

it may work well for other things but these are enough obvious functions that barely work for me to say that it is lame.

I have DTS-WAV file ( a 5.1 Mixups ) i tried it burning to Cd using Roxio CD burning software and created an audio CD, I have Denon DVD player 1730 and Denon AVR 1907 at my home and DVD player is connected to AVR using Co-AX Digital o/p…when i tried playing the DTS-CD which i created using my Roxio CD burning software…yes it palys fine sound is also a good qality but it playes in sterio mode though my AVR detects the stream is DTS and it shows on cosole that its playing DTS strem…but sounds comes out only from left and right speakers and sub woofer…and all rest i.e C, SR, and SL are silent :(…so i did al exercise to lisen DTS music and finally it is playing like a sterio i.e thru only two channels…Pls hel me did i burn the wav files in wrong way ? Does Roxio dose not capable to burn the DTS WAV file in to CD ? or thats all is possioble for DTS-CD, means it will play only two channels…Thanks Pls reply this asap

If your goal is a standard 2 channel WAV, then I’d let your PC decode the DTS and capture the file with a stream grabber like TotalRecorder.

If I understand good:
There is no software doing that for you :disagree:

You try to get a 5.1 downmix to stereo. This is a sound studio job. You need a mixing desk. The engineer will mix your extra tracks (C, Ls, Rs, LFE) to the L and R channels. Then you can get your stereo mix and burn it to a CD.
Alternative solution extract the content of the DTS-CD and burn only L and R channels to your CD (if it’s .dts or .cpt and not .wav files).
If your file is not .wav file you need to go through a decoder and back to a recorder but record only the L and R channels.

Nirajand :
When you encore DTS-CD you can choose the number of channels you will use. Some productions have a normal stereo mix encoded in the DTS file format on a CD. In that case usually the stereo tracks are also going to the LFE channel.

To encore DTS file format there is a couple of software to encode DTS:

Have fun !

OK first the hissing sound or ‘white’ noise is foobar thinking its a standard cd …but on the dts cd is not a wave file but in fact dts audio data with wav header to fool the burning program into thinking its a wav file as most cd burners expect wav/mp3/wma files to make a cd…

ok the proces of getting the dts into some format that you can use…is the same process i explained before into getting dts cd converted into a 5.1 audio file…this is what i did…if you have creative 2 zs audigy sound card you get an application called mediasource player…what is clever about this app is that it can record in multichannel (clever, eh?) so you play back the dts cd in windvd or vlc or powerdvd then record that playback using mediasource player (mine records in 96khz 24bit only) it saves as 96/24 uncompressed wav file…
if there are a multiple tracks you can stop the recording at end of each track and save each one…
ok ,so now having multichannel wav files…you will need an audio editor - i use audition 1.5 as it has multichannel edit and mix…its an update of cool edit pro…
ok so load in your multichannel wav ideally it will separate all the channels
ie FL,FR,CENTRE,LFE,LS,RS place all these in order top to bottom in multitrack editor and save audio back out as mix down of the six channel.please makes sure all the channels are in synch first…ok, once thats done using audio editor just place the new stereo files in the order you want and let the audio editor burn the disc…there you go - dts cd to standard audio cd…