How to control the maximum bandwith-usage of a TCP/IP port?

Does anyone know of a program (or firewall) which can be used to control the maximum bandwith-usage of any TCP/IP port?

I see no one has replied so let me give you the smallest amount of help if you still need it. I dont know since ive never attempted or had a reason to do such a thing as capping but a forum at in network section says you can setup a VPN connection to remote system and cap up/down speeds.
It dont say how to do it though.
Maybe from this you know what to search around for though to find your answer.

Thnx for the reply.

I will check it out.


I think you can use a router to control this. In Cisco routers there is a setting to control bandwidth but I am not sure where to set it up anywhere

This site may help

go to network right click properties. then click the adapter u’r using. something similar to this. then change the packet size to small if 56k, large for broadband