How to control bandwidth to a PC?


I would like to know if there is a program where you can specify how much bandwidth you would like going to a certain machine.

Can this be done remotely if possible or a manual one will be ok as well, and I don’t mind buying the software I use.



Any others?


If your using a router then check the settings to see if you have the option in-built. It’s usually only available on the better quality (more expensive) models though.e

you can use the group policy editer

the path would be
Computer Configuration
—Administrative emplates
---------QoS Packet Scheduler
------------set limit reservable bandwidth option an dplay with settings (under 50 is a good start)

of course this would need to be done locally on every machine and the GPO is only available in XP Pro

For your PC and also your LAN this is best solution i could find:

Hope this can help.