How to continue 800MB multisession cd?



i have burn 705MB on 800MB cd in multisession mode, and I didn’t close cd…in Nere, Disk At Once mode

I used 800MB cd so i can write onother session again later

so-now i need to add another file(about 5 meg’s). there are at least 70MB free on this cd
70MB free + 20MB for lead in and lead out of another session
but Nero is returning a message that no further writing is possible on this cd…that it isn’t writeable

I think I need some program that can write in Session at Once mode-I think this would solve a problem

because-maximum cd capacity that Nero recognies is 79:59:74(maximum capacity that can be written in ATIP of blank disk)
so, even that cd is multisession disk and there are 70MB free, he doesn’t see this extra free space

everything above 80min is overburning-so i need some program that can overburn disk in Session At Once mode

or program that can burn extra data on my responsibility, which doesn’t worry about information of free space on cd… because i KNOW (and i can see how much of surface data takes up) that there is about 70MB free

please - suggestion! which program?


I am no expert.
But Nero does do over-buring you need to turn this feature on by going to prefrence and advance option if i remeber corectly.

Also make sure one this you cant write more data in sessions only when you close the cd.

Hope this has helped you. finalise the cd first time then you can use the over burn. otherwise the data can be curppted.

i am no expert


i don’t think there are any programs that will allow overburning without using DAO.