How to connect?

Hi, i have bought a new home cinema (Panasonic SC-HT850).

In my TV i have 2 scart but only the first scart allow RGB signal, the second scart allows S-Video.

My cable box can only be connected to the 1st scart because in the 2nd don’t decode any channels.

When i connect my home cinema to the 2nd scart thru s-video i note that the image is not as good as when in RGB mode.

Can i use a scart switch-box to connect the cable box and the home cinema to the 1st scart without loose quality in image and sound.

“My cable box can only be connected to the 1st scart because in the 2nd don’t decode any channels.” - That sounds odd, are you use that it outputs in s-video?
You may have to flip a switch on the box or change output mode at the setup screen.

"If a subscriber wants to access one of the Pay TV services offered on his television network, all he needs to do is connect his SMART Descrambler to the SCART connector of the TV set. All available Pay TV services can be selected using the TV set’s own remote control.

I don’t explain well. :confused:

Is not a digital TV box is only a descrambler. Is from the same brand of that one in the picture and the function is that described in the Exsad page. This descrambler does not have any switch only a cable to connect to electricity and 2 Scart connectors. One to the TV and other to a VCR. That descrambler don’t have a setup screen neither a remote control.

The descrambler need to be connected to a Scart connector with the 21 pins active (1st TV Scart).

So the only way is to use a Scart switchbox to connect the descrambler and the DVD to the same Scart :sad: .

I only don’t know if using a switchbox the signal from the DVD looses quality.
Anyone uses a switchbox and if yes does you notice any difference?