How to connect over LAN?

I have two computers in my home lan. Everything worked when one was XP Pro SP2 based and the other was Win2000. I upgraded Win2000 to another installation of XP Pro SP2. Ran all the wizards. Desired folders are all shared in both computers. Internet Sharing works. Both computers show up in MSHome Networking Group. But, neither computer can actually get into the folders of the other computer. I get the “The network path was not found.” error.

So, I have disabled all firewalls or allowed folder sharing as appropriate. All partititions are NFTS. THEN I put passwords on all the accounts. HOORAY!!! the computers worked as they should. Shut down. Next day, original problem returns and now I have no idea how to fix as all the fixes were done?

I ran thru the entire procedure a 2-3 times. No change. I have read two hints I haven’t tried==put the same user on both machines (seems confusing and unnecessary?) and buy a program like “Network Magic” and let it setup the system. I hate using that crutch. The only fixes I have seen are guys who just keep using the wizards over and over until somehow the system starts working.

Any generic ideas? //// bobbo.

I can sympathize with that situation. I would always be bringing computers home to fix and was forever burning cd’s and dvd’s to transfere files from one computer to another. Made a minor attempt to learn how to setup a network and didn’t figure out how. Because I had some experience with
a program called “Remotely Anywhere” I thought I would try that out.
Because networking is so complicated and there doesn’t seem to be a clearcut way to configure computers to do that, I looked for simple alternatives.
I have my internet cable running into a switch that allows multiple cable hookups. So when I am working on a computer I turn on remotely anywhere on my main machine and download the files I want onto the second computer with incredible ease. The average download speed is around 750kbs. and I have seen speeds as high as 4Mbs. Remotely anywhere was one of the best software investments I have made. Besides being able to
do transfers at home you can connect to your computer remotely from anywhere on the internet. There is also another really good program on the net for logging onto computers remotely called “Team Viewer”. The software is free to use and has a time restriction for free users. This software will go through any firewall/router combination that you can think of. Here is the website;

Bonjopi - - -yes, remote access was working before I upgraded as well. I used the free VPN program and it was quite nice. I was thinking to get the file sharing up and running before going to remote access, but you are probably right to skip the $M thing as it certainly doesn’t want to work.

So silly.–Upgrade your system and lose functionality all within $M programs? I have also gone thru several registry modifications changing “node” to (1) and what not and none of them have worked so far either. I hope $M loses bigtime over Vista. They deserve it when simple in house basic programs become broken?

Any other ideas before I quit and go remote access route? /// bobbo


make sure, both computers are withing the same IP range. I personally set fixed IP adresses.
Also, there must be the same Users and Passwords be used on both systems you are using within your network.
Please note that network access is only possible for folders that are configured as shared.

You might also check MS knowledge base. They have some really good “How To”-articles available. :wink:


Thanks Mciahel - -I have shied away from the “IP ping” and such because the computers did work with one another for one session --ie until I turned both off for the night and tried to restart the next day. So, from that alone, I do assume “the system” is ok. Internet connection is shared. Both computers appear in MS Home workgroup. I think I am very close to everything working and there is just some glitch?

Again, everything worked just fine until I rebooted. That to means “everything” works and is set up correctly?=====except for whatever isn’t working?

I did read 2-3 Microsoft articles. Always difficult to follow==but yes, I did remember to turn my computer on! (smile!!!).

If the other computer appears in the MS Workgroup, and did work once, wouldn’t that mean that IP addresses and such have been resolved?===Hmmm. And that makes me think that some “dynamic” IP address has been assigned?==but why would IP addresses be needed WITHIN a Lan? But anyway==if I set static IP addresses, should both computers have the SAME IP Address (or be seperated by one digit, or two digits, or what?). Thanks ///// bobbo


Strange. Seems as if some essential setting is not stored.

If the other computer appears in the MS Workgroup, and did work once, wouldn’t that mean that IP addresses and such have been resolved?
Seems so.

And that makes me think that some “dynamic” IP address has been assigned?
An IP adress is automagically assigned upon startup.

but why would IP addresses be needed WITHIN a Lan?
Network is network. It does not matter if it is a huge corporate network or two computers connected via a LAN cable.
But anyway==if I set static IP addresses, should both computers have the SAME IP Address (or be seperated by one digit, or two digits, or what?).
Any computer needs an unique IP adress within the network. If there is a router in your network, then it must be within the same IP range (the first 3 blocks must be the same) also.
The 192.168 range is reserved for non-public networks, so you have to set your IP adresses within this range.


thanks. The default IP is the same and one machine has while the other has as you said.

I went thru all the wizards on both machines again and same error message.

Seems to me when it worked the first and only time that I had to “log on” to the target machine using the account name and password. I don’t get that far this time==I guess that is where “the path” take you?–to the initial log on for the lan connected machines?

So, now I’m thinking there is a firewall or security setting somewhere I can’t find. Or something the Comcast Modem is doing or who knows? Well, I’ll read a bit more, and try turning settings off, reboot, turn settings back on, and see what happens? Other option would be to reinstall the OS and try networking with JUST XP on the machine? Just shooting in the dark, and aggravating that it did work once?

I get the feeling quite a few folks run into this and “no one” seems to have found answers other than uninstall/reinstall until it decides to work?? Or maybe going with remote access programs?? Again, thanks for responses. I’ve learned just a little bit more. //// Bobbo.

Success??? As stated above–the normal solution has worked for me. I went thru the setup wizards on both machines 2-3 times rebooting several times and still no access. Now, two days later, I checked and there it is==up and running as it should except only one machine has the “My Network Places” in the start menu (Its supposed to show up when the computer joins a lan?).

So, I don’t know why the connection did not work, or why its working now, or if it will work tomorrow. 50/50 chance I’d say???

I know this is an old thread…but I thought I might add a reply since this question appears to remain unanswered.

My father has his own company and I have been his Network Admin for most of the 20+ years he’s been running it. When he upgraded to XP Pro, I encountered this same problem. He’d upgrade the os’s and run the network setup wizards and the closest he’d get would be for the computers to show up in “My Network Places” but could not access any of the computers.

My solution: Along with having duplicate, matching “Local Users and Groups” accounts on all computers, I finally found a [B]default[/B] setting in XP Pro that disables networking. IMHO it’s a pretty serious flaw when setting up local accounts. Under…

“Ctrl Panel --> Admin Tools --> Local Security Policy --> Security Settings --> Local Policies --> Security Options”

I changed the

“Network access: Sharing and security model for local accounts”

policy from…

“Guest only - local users authenticate as Guest”

setting to…

“Classic - local users authenticate as themselves”.

When I setup his network & accounts, I planned that access would be granted to specific accounts (ie. Admin accts, regular user accounts, and disable all default accts) not general “Guest” accounts or “Everyone” privileges. I want “Remote Users” to login with certain rights pertaining to that specific user.

The main down-side to this is that, as the “Network Admin”, I have to ensure that all computers in the Workgroup have exactly the same user accounts and privileges…setup on [B][I]every computer[/I][/B]. And because I prefer Static IP’s, it becomes a rather difficult (but not impossible) setup to maintain.

I’m not sure if this will solve your problem, nor if this opens any security issues (not a problem for a LAN not connected to the internet) but it was a relatively simple fix for our situation.

DarkMain—may be an old problem, but the problem remains. Right now, I have 3 computers on my home lan. One of them allows ONE FOLDER ONLY to be shared with other even though I’ve gone thru the authorization procedures many times to get more folders/drives to be shared. Its a pain to have to move everything in and out of that one folder–but atleast it works that much which means it ought to work “somehow?”

The third computer is totally variable on when it allows sharing or not==and usually not although I can access it easily thru remote admin (VPC Program) but that doesn’t allow me to transfer files between computers.

I will copy and paste your procedure and one evening after one beer, but before the third beer, give it a whirl. Thanks for posting.