How to connect Goodmans GHDD177DVDR



Can someone please explain, or even better, draw me a diagram, how to connect the following:

Bush 6690 IDTV, with which I receive Freeview, with 1 scart
Goodmans GHDD177DVDR with 2 scart
Amstrad DRX300 Sky Digibox with 2 scart
Panasonic VHS tape recorder with 2 scart
Also include the external aerial too.
I have bought a multiplug (5) scart lead because there is only 1 scart on the TV.

Please help me, as this is doing my head in!!! :confused: All the wires!!!

Also can someone tell me where I can get a hold of the manual for the Goodmans DVDR? I have looked at their website and there is absolutey nothing except an 0870 number.

Many Thanks