How to connect DVR-HD and VCR/DVD to HDTV (Samsung LN32A450)



[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung LN32A450. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I studied the back panel of the 3 devices I am tryong to connect. I thought I had it figured out. But I cannot play back from the VCR, of the DVD/VCR combo.
Please help. It’s driving me nuts.

Devices: & respective back panels

HDTV: Samsung LN32A450

DVD/VCR Combo: Toshiba DVR 610

DVR/Converter: Scientific Atlanta 8300HD

I connected them as follows:

Charter Cable to SA8300HD Cable IN

8300HD to Samsung LN32A450 via HDMI

8300HD to Toshiba DVD/BCR Combo
Video via S-Video
Audio via RCA into DVD/VCR Audio IN (L & R)

Video: Component Video Out to HDTV Component Video IN
DVD Audio OUT to HDTV Audio IN via RCA

Eveything works fine, except the VCR part of the Toshiba Combo. I get an error on the HDTV screen: “HDMI/DVI Blocked.” DVDs play fine (haven’t try recording), but the VCR just gives me a blank (blue) screen and an audio hum.

I am seeking help, desperately - this was supposed to have been a Christmas present for my wife. Now my word is mud. We haven’t even got to programming the universal remote.:frowning:




Unless I’m mistaken, VCR output doesn’t use the component output. Verify in the user manual.


[QUOTE=Dogg;2183418]Unless I’m mistaken, VCR output doesn’t use the component output. Verify in the user manual.[/QUOTE]

You are absolutely right. You got me thinking. For some unfathomable reason I assumed that the VCR and the DVD were “integrated.” Dah… they are just two components that happen to share the same enclosure. Therefore, there must be outputs from BOTH the DVD (component) and the VCR (composite). The issue was easily solved with simple RCA plugs from the VCR to the connects on the side of the HDTV. There is only so much one can do with the analog signal from a VCR. But, what the wife wants, the wife gets. :wink:

Thank you for your help.