How to connect a standard dvd player to a Computer?

I want to connect my standard dvd player to my computer. Both of my computer and the dvd player have a s-video slot. The Video slot didn’t say in or out. I was wondering after you connected them together where do you go to copy the dvds file to my computer, which then i could burn it to a cdr. I dont have a dvd drive so i was wondering if the metho would whork. Pleas Help:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

If your DVD Player has S-Video OUT and your PC’s video card has S-Video in, yes you can capture from dvd player to pc. But if its TV OUT from your Video card, then guess what, sorry no. Establish the in’s and out’s of your S-Video before you go any further. Check your Video card manual or check their home site.

My Video card has a s-video slot but it didnt say in or out. My dvd has a s-video slot and it didnt say in or out but avosly it is a out.

i wanta know after u plug it in where you go to play the dvd.

most video cards with an s-video port are tv/out…not in

unless you have a “capture card”…this will not work for you.

what you need is a “capture” device…be it a card or external, there are many fine products that allow you to do this…:slight_smile:

In either case…captureing directly from you set top player is faced with challenges, ie…dvd protection…there are ways around it…:slight_smile:

MUCH cheaper and easier to just buy a DVD drive

I agree with rdgrimes…and his goofey new avatar…:slight_smile:

Is it posible, to connect dvd player to pc?
I have a Nvidia card (FX 5200 from Asus with s-video in and out) an a standard dvd player with s-video out…
If it is posible plz help me with the confugurations :bow:

Just buy a DVD burner and rip your movie.
You’ll probably get better quality doing it that way and you’ll also get the 5.1.

Edit: And you can get a normal DVD burner for like $50.


I would agree with everyone on this much. It is better to buy a DVD burner(if not even a dvd drive will do but you wont be able to make a DVD copy) coz I tried what this thread is talking about and the aggravation just aint worth it. Took me a whole day to capture a home made DVD of a friends to the comp and make a workable SVCD out of it. This was way before I got a dvd drive/DVD burner and in today’s times(with the prices as they are ) it is just not worth it.


Hi Laccooda,

If you still want then connect your S-Video cable(assuming you have one) from your s-video Out of the DVD player to the S-video In of your Video card. Use the capture software(whatever you use, if NOT read the guides and other posts in this forum) and select the S-video as the source, then capture.

Hope this helps.

PS. The audio cable still needs to be connected seperately as S-Video is just that it is only video information, Nothing else. Audio from the O/P of your player to the I/p of your sound card and select the I/p in the capture software as Line-in of your sound card.